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Synonyms for rectilinear

characterized by a straight line or lines

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The aim of the theoretical analysis herein is to establish a relationship between the air-water front velocities associated with the process of transition to free-surface flow of the water column, moving rectilinearly along the horizontal pipeline.
The dependent variable, APR, is ordinal and, thus, rectilinearly distributed.
Also, the earth that has reached its natural place will not move rectilinearly, as we already know; but neither will it move circularly, because by nature earth can only have rectilinear motion.
But the incorporation of something by something else - generically identical but specifically different--will be impossible unless they somehow come into contact, and their coming into contact will similarly be impossible unless one or the other (or both) is in motion, either rotationally or rectilinearly (or both).
Summary of models and constitutive equations for stress and strain of rectilinearly confined concrete Model Equations Comments Fafitis and Shah [6] [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION [f.