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Synonyms for rectilinear

characterized by a straight line or lines

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The aim of the theoretical analysis herein is to establish a relationship between the air-water front velocities associated with the process of transition to free-surface flow of the water column, moving rectilinearly along the horizontal pipeline.
Naturalistic and elegantly drawn cattle similar to cattle images found at other Neolithic sites could be distinguished from crudely drawn, more rectilinearly shaped cattle not just on the basis of style (see also Allchin 1960; Allchin & Allchin 1994-95; Gordon & Allchin 1955), but also as a result of differences in location and clarity.
The time to ignition was delayed rectilinearly as the amount of chemicals increased.
WO1 was excluded in subsequent analyses because its CL response increased rectilinearly and the linearity of its dose response was low (Table 1).