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Synonyms for rectilinear

characterized by a straight line or lines

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Inspired by elements from both personal electronics and automotive design, the Patricks package features a rectilinear form factor in which the front edge and base are fused with thick plate aluminum to create a durable goods aesthetic.
The floating pendant is a square inside a square room to keep everything rectilinear," says Grossman.
Another way of assessing the antipodal location of the Earth major landforms severity is the rectilinear correlation r coefficient calculation between absolute heights (depths) of the earth surface within antipodal points.
During rectilinear locomotion, a snake doesn't have to bend its body laterally to move," Marvi said.
A rectilinear structure, it sits on the roof of the Vivian Beaumont, surrounded by grass and often seems to struggle to be as undisruptive as possible, by fading into the fabric of this building.
The facade of the garage is comprised of thousands of metallic fins, some moving in response to environmental conditions and animating the rectilinear exterior.
The Underscore baths feature clean, rectilinear lines and a contemporary look that complements many styles of decor and the deep bathing wells allow the user to sit almost totally immersed in water, providing the ultimate in bathing relaxation.
Although different, these approaches have one strong common denominator: they are based on a rectilinear passage through space, time, and formal linguistic characteristics of the painting.
Its crisp outlines and varied textures; immaculate gravelled square with diagonal culvert, surrounding paving slabs, glass frontages of restaurants and rectilinear features of a bank are balanced by seats and parasols on one side and a necklace of slender trees.
Warren's attentions have recently turned toward the monumental, and these latest totems of bronze, all bulge and swagger, promise to hold their own against the rectilinear behemoths of the country's tallest skyline.
Al-Asiri said that the Earth, Sun and Moon will form a rectilinear, with Earth in the middle, the phenomenon is known as alignment.
In the later Pre-Roman Iron Age there was initially a renewed emphasis on enclosure, including more rectilinear plans, before enclosure was generally abandoned in favour of open or 'scooped' settlements, coinciding with intensive re-occupation of Traprain Law itself.
The same is true for the pairs of rectilinear pixels.
Bending is the process of cold plastic deformation without intentional modification of the thickness of the material consists of bending the plane semifinished around certain rectilinear edges (Braha et al.
Simple motion, which belongs to simple bodies (as opposed to composite bodies), is either rectilinear (mustagimah) or circular (mustadirah).