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Synonyms for rectify

Synonyms for rectify

to make right what is wrong

to bring (something) into a state of agreement or accord

Synonyms for rectify

math: determine the length of

reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state

bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one

set straight or right

convert into direct current

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The company had in September 2013 recalled a massive 1,66,021 units of its best- selling compact Figo and Classic sedan to rectify problems with the rear twist beam and steering hose of these models.
Mouza said the ministry cancelled the licence of four nurseries for not being able to rectify their violations within the 90-day deadline.
So we have a council who couldn't aord to rectify incorrect signs, but can aord probably more to make incorrect signs more visible
If a criminal was not able to change in a prison, society should do its best to rectify him or her, the official said.
We expect the new government to take immediate steps to rectify this situation," said Weeratunge adding that the ban would result in $200 million loss to the country.
The campaign demonstrates common faults found from almost 11,000 child car seat checks and a video has been recorded to demonstrate how easy it is to rectify these.
The suggestions of Samarra'i were to appoint a new premier, new dealings with the crisis, meeting the demands of the masses, Sunni's agreement to lay down a plan to rectify the situation and no military solution without political one.
They have left the economic situation in tatters and it will take time to rectify the situation.
The only way to "store" ac is to rectify it so it becomes direct current (dc) which then can be stored in a battery much as happens in a car where the alternator produces ac which is then rectified by the rectifier diodes to dc which is then stored in the car battery.
Qaisar Hamed MetaweaThe seven-month amnesty period offered to expatriate workers to rectify their employment status and to be in compliance with the Residency and Labor laws of Saudi Arabia ended on Nov.
Thousands of expatriate workers have not been able to rectify their status during the amnesty period, said the Arab News report.
If the amount paid is equal to or greater than one day's gross base pay the Underpayment will be rectified within three working days; If the amount is less than one day's gross base pay it will be rectified by no later than the next normal pay However if the employee can demonstrate that rectification in this manner would result in undue hardship every effort will be made by the employer to rectify the underpayment within three working days.
NEW YORK, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SnagFilms, a website which offers the broadest collection of independent films on demand to viewers, today announced a free sneak peek of Sundance Channel's new original scripted series Rectify.
4 (Petra)--The Egyptian Embassy in Amman said it had reached an agreement with the Labour Ministry to stop all campaigns that target Egyptian workers in the Kingdom during the period given to the workers to rectify their work and residency status which ends on March 7.
The maintenance team have since been working to rectify the problem.