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The second is a follow up to make sure the violations have been rectified.
I have made a number of phone calls to my manager and Health Share, who tell me the matter will be rectified in the next pay period.
Global Banking News-March 13, 2013--Riksbank says it has rectified payment system(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
LAHORE -- Redco Textiles Limited has rectified the default of Listing Regulation No.
A: Damp can take a very long time to dry out once the cause has been rectified, so it may just be a case of waiting.
Failure to form the government is a sin that cannot be rectified with the mistake of replacing it with the Parliament Council NNA - 25/5/2011 - Lebanese Forces Executive Council Head, Samir Geagea, stressed today that Lebanon is living a huge transgression by failing to form the government, adding that such a sin cannot be rectified by another, namely by replacing it with the Parliament Council, especially that the Constitution does not allow for such a move.
The new generation should now "rectify and change without hesitation everything that should be rectified and changed," Fidel wrote on the website of cubadebate.
Last season we missed out on the play-offs on goal difference and we rectified it this season.
He claimed that if the problem had been to the English service the bank would have rectified it immediately.
During the DLP, Landmark Consultants work with owners and carry out a thorough and detailed photographic evaluation of the property, ensuring that any defects are identified and rectified by the developer thus saving the owner the expenditures.
you know there are a number of legislations to curb this practice, if a lacuna is found, it will be rectified.
We have spoken to people and believe that the situation has been rectified.
If a building does not have central air-conditioning, as many older office buildings do not, then the situation should be rectified.
The sharp decline in the A stock value must be rectified at closing by adding more consideration.
of Nevada at Reno) provides background on the genre as a whole, analyzes the ways in which Age Rectified differed from other examples of the genre, and seeks to establish the authorship of the text as belonging to Lady Anne Brockman.