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(chemistry) the process of refinement or purification of a substance by distillation

the conversion of alternating current to direct current

the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake

determination of the length of a curve

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Relations and Cooperation, Agapito Mba Mokuy, was in charge of presenting the document-proposal of the Study of Rectification of the Cooperation Agreements that our country maintains with the two cited countries, a subject that had already been discussed in previous meetings.
All the Malaysian cases data are based on the collection of real rectification works on selected building leakage projects as well as from author and research assistant personal observations.
Despite there are different considerations for the reason of the rectification no complete theory has been presented up to date.
Reverse conduction possible for high efficiency synchronous rectification General-purpose Si IGBT devices are not capable of conduction in the reverse direction.
Professor Ruan Wei from Tong Ji University, Shanghai, China introduced a reliable and practical method (Five Control Point's Rectification of Digitized Image) for creating a city map at the scales of 1:1000 or 1:500.
Manoj from the party -- quoting clauses in the rectification document -- is being seen as a sign of the malaise the drive is causing.
Tables, diagrams, and an easy step-by-step procedure for identifying and filling in the missing details makes for a fine survey of rectification efforts, including case studies of famous individuals.
Project bosses say that 'some minor rectification works' are being carried out and they have pledged the showpiece arch will be lifted in the spring.
These courses have a twofold benefit: first, they can be used for advanced RAM certification; and, second; they can be applied towards rectification credits for Basic RAM certification.
The results also represent experimental verification of a rectification effect predicted in 1974 by Ari Aviram of the IBM Thomas J.
Mahoney details the evolution and significance of the enormous mathematical strides taken by Fermat: analytic geometry, theory of equations, methods of finding maxima and minima and tangents of lines, the quadrature and rectification of curves.
There was a prototype for the 1957 rectification: the rectification held in 1942 in the communist-controlled areas of north China; outsiders were then also invited to criticize the "three evils" in the party's "work style.
The optimized low gate voltage turn-on specification is ideal for applications in synchronous rectification as well as high frequency switching and power control for battery powered portable equipment.
JEDDAH: The Yemeni community has asked the Saudi government to extend the rectification process, which ends Tuesday, claiming that there are many thousands still seeking to get proper identification documents to qualify for work visas in the Kingdom.