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capable of being repaired or rectified


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having to do with property and proportion, or what is rectifiable, i.
The absence of Hemings's family condition as one rectifiable in the legal sphere amplifies Langdon's treachery.
I will ignore the fact that the poor family's tax payments under the lifetime income tax have a net present value of only 66% of its tax payments under the progressive income tax; to the extent that is considered to be a bad thing, it is easily rectifiable.
The Customs Administration has responded positively to the Chamber's suggestions by allowing Certified Companies to rectify certain fields on import declarations that are normally not rectifiable.
On most occasions,a breakdown in communications is rectifiable and no harm is done.
I hope the damage occasioned to him over the years is rectifiable.
L'analyse dans cette perspective cherche a <<mettre en relation>> les donnees collectees au gre d'une serie de six etapes susceptibles de produire des codes, puis des categories et enfin des notions (ou concepts) qui, enonces en marge, induisent progressivement une ossature logique, systematique et explicative, rectifiable au besoin.
0] by a rectifiable curve [gamma] : [0; 1] [right arrow] [OMEGA], with [gamma](0) = [x.
n A name document act 1 rectifiable 1 for chemicals and laboratory equipment needed: certified copy of the health registration issued by the central reference laboratory in public health.
And these procedures are not easily rectifiable because they stem
All the mistakes they made in Dunedin are rectifiable.
A lot of the stuff is quickly rectifiable, defending mauls close to your line, you just can't concede tries there, and that's a really disappointing aspect for us.
Anemia in pregnancy: an easily rectifiable problem [guest editorial].
Sng deems the former "errance," and he dedicates himself to uncovering in his exegeses the nonsystematic and nonsystematizable movements of errance even as he elucidates carefully the particular strategies whereby various thinkers and writers figure error as rectifiable and potentially productive deviance.
Apparently the people of the world don't all speak the same language, which seems like a fairly obvious and dare I say it childish error, but one not easily rectifiable.