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any of various straight muscles

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Patients and Methods: Three diastasis recti patients were recruited from a privately owned gymnasium and were initially diagnosed as having obstinate accumulation of fat around the abdomen.
MRI revealed the enlargement and contrast enhancement of both medial recti muscles (Figure 5b).
Defined as an abnormal separation of the abdominal musculature, diastasis recti is sometimes seen as an unfortunate, but very common, side effect of pregnancy.
I wrote it off as rustiness but after weeks went by the same, I spoke to my physio and she diagnosed diastasis recti.
It has also been suggested that at the IU location there is reduced definition of the posterior layer of recti muscles and the presence of large abdominal laxity.
Twelve patients had IR recession with or without one horizontal muscle recession or resection, 12 had Knapp procedure for the correction of horizontal deviation, if present, 10 had IR recession followed by Knapp surgery, with or without recession or resection of horizontal recti.
Six muscles control eye movements: four recti and two oblique muscles.
My doctor, however, said I had a condition called diastasis recti.
Eye movements are controlled by three pairs of muscles, the medial and lateral recti, inferior and superior obliques, and inferior and superior recti (Table 1).
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e cleaning issue has been recti ed and will now be investigated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) is a painless condition which affects about 38% of pregnant women.