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the property of being shaped like a rectangle

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Size parameter Shape index and formula Area (A) Circularity = P2/A Perimeter (P) Rectangularity = A/(OLxOW) Otolith length (OL) Form function = 4[pi]A/[P.
New methods to measure rectangularity (R), ellipticity (E), orientation (O), and REi are here developed and used to unveil underlying patterns and to explore the relation between lake size and its rectangularity/ellipticity to test the Plafker's hypothesis of wave action.
Rectangularity (R), ellipticity (E) orientation (O), and rectangularity vs.
Topography, hydrography, soil conditions, accessibility were all subordinated to the relentless rectangularity of the survey net.
In addition to the first 20 standardized Fourier harmonics, the Image-Pro software calculated otolith area, perimeter, rectangularity, circularity, and roundness for a total of 25 shape variables.
Several shape variables were significantly correlated with fish length (area, perimeter, roundness, rectangularity, circularity, Fourier harmonics 1-9, 11-14, 17, 19, and 20); the method described above was applied to remove the correlation of those variables with respect to fish length.
Invested in the carefully filtered color and the play of organic form interrupting abstract rectangularity, nature here seems alive.
The pitch's flatness and strict rectangularity forge a link with the city below and beyond, signalling culture as opposed to nature in the hill behind, and bequeathing to the building both its major axis and its most formal and symmetrical face.
Campana and Casselman, 1993; Begg and Brown, 2000; Bolles and Begg, 2000) and different shape indices, including circularity and rectangularity (e.
Bending plates of steel and glass into new profiles, he offered the hallmarks of sturdy modernist rectangularity as fragile and evanescent.
Circularity was defined as the perimeter of the otolith section squared divided by its area, and rectangularity was defined as the otolith section area divided by the area of its enclosing rectangle oriented along the length of the section (Media Cybernetics, 1996).
The frontal implacability of their clenched rectangularity gradually dissolves in the tenebrous glow emanating from layer upon layer of thinned paint that envelops the eye in velvet mists.
Whole sagittal otolith morphometric variables of length, width, area, perimeter, circularity, and rectangularity were extracted by image processing and, in combination with age-specific discriminant analyses, were used to differentiate two stocks of silver hake: a northern stock from the Gulf of Maine to northern Georges Bank and a southern stock from southern Georges Bank to the Middle Atlantic.
Demonstrating her evolution as a painter in satisfyingly specific and revealing examinations of the canvases themselves, including many of the 120 handsomely reproduced in this book, Kertess explores some fascinating areas, including Mitchell's influences (she acknowledged Matisse and van Gogh but denied Monet); her use of the center of the canvas; her circularity versus her rectangularity in canvases from different periods (with a beautifully worked-out aside on her use of the sunflower as metaphor for painting); and of particular interest, given Mitchell's opulent use of white, how that color in her paintings functioned in different ways at different times, ranging from interactive, to atmospheric, to nurturing, to perilous, deathly, smothering, and finally to haunting.
Gradually the series came to be seen as an interrelated group of improvisational riffs on the support's planar rectangularity, layered with ever more melodious richness.