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Synonyms for rectangular

having four right angles

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having a set of mutually perpendicular axes


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The city of Beijing consisted of three concentric and rectangular walled areas (with a fourth area developed to the south, known as the Outer City, or the Chinese City, eventually enclosed for strategic reasons and to protect the ceremonial complexes in that area).
Construction / equipment table: rectangular profile 4 cm; rectangular frame measuring 180x70 cm
This is enclosed in a rectangular box which runs parallel to the main one and projects slightly to the west.
The factory at the southern end of the building is by far the bigger element, its eastern face incised with rectangular entrances for lorries.
The earliest, an untitled canvas of 1963, already demonstrated the characteristic features of her mature style: a thick square or rectangular canvas with a pale monochrome center framed by a black surround edged in color.
The Alera Technologies Business Card CDR Bonus Pack is unique, containing only rectangular CDR blanks, that are molded, not laser cut, providing the highest possible quality.
Steel non rectangular (1350 * 720 * 746N, classic walnut color) 2 pcs.
The barrel can be rectangular or cylindrical, according to OEM specifications.
At the foot of the tower there is an emphatic base, a rectangular volume of massive insulating blocks projecting each side of the lower.
The confines of the painting may appear to be restricted to only the image-cluster or, conversely, to extend beyond the canvas' rectangular parameters so that the dual role of the canvas-as-support and the canvas-as-background is rendered virtually defunct.
Tenders are invited for Supply of WR 187 rectangular waveguide 90 degree e bend, wr 187 rectangular waveguide 90 degree h bend, wr 187 rectangular waveguide pressurizing section, wr 187 rectangular waveguide 90 degree twist, wr 187 dual directional coupler.
Additionally, products manufactured at NEC can also be packaged in square or rectangular bottles.
However, mission scientists studying GRAIL data believe they have found evidence the craggy outline of this rectangular region -- roughly 1,600 miles (2,600 kilometers) across -- is actually the result of the formation of ancient rift valleys.
SINCE HALLOWEEN IS BIG FOR BAKING AND ENTERTAINING, Welcome Home Brands is broadening its Halloween Collection of decorative oven-safe Paper Bakeware with new shapes and sizes: Ruffled Baking Cup, Rectangular Mini Loaf Baking Pan and Rectangular Loaf Baking Pan.