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Rectal temperature was measured using a digitalized-clinical thermometer, whereas, skin temperature with and without hair-cover skin was measured by an infrared surface thermometer (Everest Interscience Inc.
Teaming with researchers from Oklahoma State University and North Carolina State University, the team has performed testing to compare core against rectal temperature of canine athletes in a variety of environmental conditions, including heat and humidity, extreme cold, and high altitude.
2011), who reported lower work output during thermal warming versus thermal and non-thermal cooling despite similar HR, mean skin and rectal temperature.
Givoni B and Goldman RF, "Predicting rectal temperature response to work, environment, and clothing," Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
The rectal temperatures of all these rats were determined using a clinical thermometer (Oson Duopris Company Ltd, Munich, Germany).
Of the 26 total patients, 24 had a rectal temperature of >41 [degrees]C, the highest being 43.
Take the animal's rectal temperature every ten minutes and remove the pet from the cold water when its temperature reaches 103[deg.
The new SureTemp(R) Plus 690 and 692 both offer more accurate oral, axillary, and rectal temperature readings on patients of all ages and have an easy-to-read LCD display with icons that clearly communicate information to users regardless of language.
The thermoneutral environment has been understood as the zone of minimal heat production at normal rectal temperature (Kadzere et al.
After over an hour of active cooling measures, Max II F241's rectal temperature was 102.
These are typical changes of hypothermia (1, 2)--the patient's rectal temperature was 28.
Clinical observations were recorded 2x/d beginning 3 days before HeV exposure and included rectal temperature (to augment records from the implanted transponders) and heart rate measured with an electronic monitor.
The 26-week study announced today will evaluate standard toxicology parameters including clinical observations, body weight, ECGs, blood pressure, food consumption, rectal temperature, ophthalmology, urinalysis, hematology, coagulation, and serum chemistry.