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Synonyms for recruit

Synonyms for recruit

any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)

register formally as a participant or member

seek to employ

Related Words

cause to assemble or enlist in the military


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SANTA CLARITA -- Recruiters for the four branches of the military might sometimes be competing against each other, but with the country at war and a constant need for recruits they are also competing against other employers.
To recruit volunteer speakers, obtain technical aids and develop marketing/media plans that will help the organization raise awareness and increase services to people in the community who are blind or visually impaired.
We use a grading system and then tally the numbers up and rank each recruit on a board.
Fortunately for military recruits who become stranded, a hot meal, a comfortable bed or a sympathetic era is only a phone call away.
The recruits really did experience firsthand what many minority members do," says Constable Stephen Camp, the program's creator and an officer with the force's hate- and bias-crimes unit.
First and foremost, in the age of the Internet, camps must have a Web site to efficiently recruit staff, in addition to campers.
A new recruit who spends a day or more being guided through the policy manual may endure, but what's been learned that's useful, inspiring, or likely to result in a jump start on the job?
Although the primary intent of mentoring is the benefits to the recruit, substantial benefits can accrue to the mentor and the department.
A hospital that recruits a medical staff physician who is to perform services for or on behalf of the organization successfully satisfies the operational test by showing that the compensation paid to the physician is reasonable compared to the services the physician is providing in return.
In part, the two spies helped the FBI recruit more Soviets who, one supposes, would then have told us which of their colleagues might have made further FBI recruits.
He or she can provide you with a great deal of information about the make-up of the student body, the recruitment efforts of other firms and which firms recruit at the school.
Black military recruits carrying the abnormal hemoglobin S in their red blood cells are 28 to 40 times more likely to die suddenly during strenuous physical exertion than are recruits without the so-called sickle-cell trait, researchers reported this week.
Recruiting update: UCLA doesn't expect any of its recruits to back off their commitments because of Bieniemy's move, sources said, and the Bruins are hoping to land a few more commitments before the deadline, including Notre Dame High of Sherman Oaks quarterback Garrett Green.
However, only the colleges will recruit a small percentage of high school athletes.