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the revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement

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Thus, in an increasingly postmodernist world of tremendous development in science and technology, digital and satellite communication, much of Africa continues to tell a tale whose leitmotifs are recrudescent fratricidal conflicts, genocidal wars, corruption, poverty, hunger, disease, injustice, greed, gratuitous ethnic nationalism, etc.
Recrudescent typhus, or Brill-Zinsser disease, can occur decades after initial infections in epidemic typhus survivors and renew louse-borne transmission to close contacts.
28mg/l required to prevent the recrudescent infection.
If the Holocaust becomes commensurate with the literary imagination, then what of those recrudescent Nazis, the so-called revisionists, who claim the events themselves are nothing but imaginings?
Month n Regressed Recrudescent Spermiogenesis March 3 3 0 0 April 14 8 5 1 May 4 0 0 4 June 9 0 0 9 July 19 2 0 17 August 5 0 0 5 September 1 0 0 1
Patients who continue to have recrudescent or persistent fever 48 hours after the first WIG dose should receive a second IVIG dose, according to Dr.
Jackson s uncanny dexterity, disciplined grace, and explosive imagination coalesced in a series of immortal movements, which, in their turn, freeze-framed the recrudescent genius of street dance, summarized the important history of Fred Astaire-like purposeful grace in executing dance steps, and extended the brilliant tradition of African-American performers like Bojangles, Sammy Davis, and Katherine Dunham surging against the odds to create a vital art.
47,48) Similar studies demonstrated that a 10-day treatment with erythromycin or clarithromycin, and a 5-day course of azithromycin are effective for the treatment of C pneumoniae respiratory infections, but prolonged therapy (eg, at least 2 to 3 weeks) are desirable, because recrudescent symptoms have been reported.
CD Your early poems are a gold mine as far as how you move from your questions of self hood as a young woman in 1942 through 1945, to finding yourself as a poet piercing the world with your own voice during a time of powerful recrudescent expression among other women poets, particularly Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath.
Although the virus is dormant, it can still be transmitted by a "carrier cat" to an uninfected cat during one of these recrudescent episodes.
Given this information, a diagnosis of recrudescent TB is made and antitubercular therapy was started.
Studies have identified parasites as genuinely recrudescent by genotyping those in the original and subsequent parasitaemia (6).
The hallmark of a herpes infection is the ability of the virus to establish a latent infection in the nervous system, to reactivate and to cause recrudescent lesions.
Interestingly, Jackson blames the rise of political correctness for the persistence of racial paranoia, writing that "political correctness has proven tragically effective at hiding racism, not just healing it" He would, it seems, prefer recrudescent racism to excessive racial sensitivity.