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a return of something after a period of abatement

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North Darfur state recently witnessed a recrudescence of violence and kidnapping of foreign aid workers
A J-3 de la date de la celebration de l'Aid Al Adha, prevu ce vendredi 1 er septembre, l'offre sur le marche semble etre abondante, comme l'ont deja annonce les autorite et la demande affiche une importante recrudescence.
malariae infection in a patient residing in a non-malaria-endemic environment that resulted in recrudescence months after treatment with artemether/lumefantrine (AL).
Our first set of releases, The Recrudescence Series, was co-produced by one of the members of Liverpool band Clinic.
Le secretaire general adjoint du Syndicat de la Police Republicaine, Habib Rachdi a indique certains dirigeants securitaires limoges d'etre derriere la recrudescence du terrorisme en Tunisie, les qualifiant de policiers corrompus '.
The recrudescence of The Political Science Reviewer is an event that should excite any student of American politics and society.
No recrudescence of clinical signs was evident for up to 18 months after the initial evaluation.
La recrudescence de la campagne d'acharnement menee par l'Algerie contre le Royaume du Maroc se manifeste sous plusieurs formes, a souligne le journaliste chroniqueur, Naim Kamal, qui etait l'invite de l'emission "Hadith Assaaa", diffusee dimanche soir sur les ondes de radio "Medi 1".
000 personnes ont ete tuees dans des attentats depuis avril en Irak, qui connaEt depuis quelques mois une vive recrudescence des violences intercommunautaires.
Subadult males exhibited regression (n = 8) and early recrudescence (n = 2).
Testicular recrudescence initiated in summer and was completed the following spring (Table 1).
In late stage recrudescence, secondary spermatocytes may be abundant and occasional spermatids are noted; (3) Spermiogenesis: seminiferous tubules are lined by clusters of spermatozoa and groups of metamorphosing spermatids are present.
The primary outcomes were parasitological cure rates after 28 days of follow-up unadjusted and adjusted by genotyping to distinguish recrudescence from new infections.
If post-treatment parasite samples carry identical alleles to those of original infection, they represent genuine recrudescence of resistant forms (7).
Handicap supplE[umlaut]mentaire, la rE[umlaut]duction de la couche d'ozone (barriE re contre les rayons solaires) fait craindre une recrudescence mondiale des consE[umlaut]quences nE[umlaut]fastes du soleil.