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return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations

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mox patre ac uiro orbatam ardentissime palamque dilexit, ut etiam causa mortis exstiterit coactae conceptum a se abigere), but Corinna herself looks for it, recriminated by Ovid (Am.
Pakistan had made "big" sacrifices in combating terrorism and lost some 30,000 citizens, and 5,000 security officials, she said, adding, "We need to be assisted, not recriminated.
Not a single member of the board ever personally recriminated me about that," Spartz said.
Impartial" of being a "corrupted Protestant" who ran into "Poetical Raptures" about Stafford and recriminated "upon the United Wisdom and Justice of the whole Kingdom" in the Plot trials.
Republicans retreated, they regrouped, they recriminated, they refought the battles they had won and the battles they had lost to try to figure out why.