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return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations

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To uphold and to appeal, to attack and to recriminate, literature produced by exiles has constituted a mode of resistance.
If you go away and the irrigation fails, you come home to brown bushes that, in their last parched hour, recriminate you.
make an unfounded REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] countercharge 1978: make unfounded countercharges; put the blame on one's victim: recriminate zai jie zai li [TEXT NOT 2009: F.
The Catholic hierarchy has protected this reigning moral standard, using the pulpit and its power to recriminate people and deny them their sexual and reproductive rights, while at the same time protecting their members who have been sexually irresponsible.
Let's be totally straight about this, maybe she could recriminate him or something.
It is difficult for him to see where he has gone astray, and, with his pride in himself and disdain for others, it is even more difficult for Toomey to regret rather than recriminate, to assume blame rather than to place blame.