recovery room

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a hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery

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This study suggests that chewing gum, as an adjunct modality in the recovery room, is likely to be acceptable to most patients and recovery room nurses.
Most of them (7 of 9; 78%) received acetaminophen in the OR; the remaining 2 (22%) received it in the recovery room.
Weber's study, patients assessed their pain about every 15 minutes during an average 2-hour recovery room stay after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, a surgery chosen because there is "very little variability in how it's done," he said.
In many cases, the IV and the ventilator are discontinued in the recovery room (or the IV fluids are continued after the patient leaves the recovery room only until the existing bag is empty).
All of the Insuflow patients were out of the recovery room within 2 hours, and 89% were out within an hour.
Medical assistant Teresa Jensen told the court that Herron was in pain and frightened as she lay in the recovery room, the Republic reported.
Alan Steinbach, bending over me in the recovery room at Alta Bates Hospital, and Alan was saying, "There's bad news
The researchers obtained blood samples from each participant before and after the patient listened to tapes, just before surgery, in the recovery room and on the two days following surgery.
LiveData OR-Dashboard is live in two operating rooms now, with three more scheduled this fall, and has been implemented in one Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), a recovery room.
Central Surgical 23 h in the recovery room and recovery room occurring in surgical patients of all ages, based on continuous monitoring of vital signs after surgery.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the death of a teenage patient and a subsequent medical malpractice lawsuit, a Montgomery County surgical center has implemented a number of updates to its recovery room policies aimed at improving patient care.
Gavin Nicholson, 56, is accused of groping five women as they woke from anaesthetic in a recovery room at Washington Spire Hospital, Tyne and Wear.
This is the fourth edition of a comprehensive book written for recovery room nursing staff.
Some patient is going to wake up in the recovery room and start reciting Shakespeare," the source added.
Innovations include "smile consultation rooms" and a recovery room with a bed to allow patients who have been sedated to come round in their own time.