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returning to health after illness or debility


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With every worldly advantage gone from her, with all prospect of recovering her rank and station more than doubtful, with no clearer future before her than the future which her husband can provide, the poor drawing-master may harmlessly open his heart at last.
The captain told them he would spare their lives if they would give him an assurance of their abhorrence of the treachery they had been guilty of, and would swear to be faithful to him in recovering the ship, and afterwards in carrying her back to Jamaica, from whence they came.
Madam,' said Mr Dorrit, recovering his breath by a great effort, as the relict of the late Mr Finching stopped to take hers;
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Police have arrested 12 outlaws from various areas of the city, besides recovering a bike, weapons, narcotics and stolen property from their possession, a police spokesman said Friday.
Kohsar police station raided in Sector F/7-4 and arrested 02 accused including a foreigner Love Shan and Javed Massaih alongwith recovering 13 wine bottles and 34 tin beer from their possession.
The data recovery success rate is significantly better when recovering from a recent incremental backup point rather than relying on a complete static image that has an older date-time stamp associated with it.
The organization representing many consumers of scrap paper made it clear that it sees recovering more of the commodity as important.
The majority has held that contingent attorneys' fees are gross income to the recovering plaintiff (1); the minority has held that these fees do not constitute gross income to the recovering plaintiff.
Increasing the amount of recovered paper: This requires recovering more paper from existing industrial and commercial sources and implementing effective recovery programs for small generators (small office, multi-family and residential)
Recovering a damaged or corrupted file is as simple as clicking "Recover" and selecting the bad file.
which for four years has supported R&D on "skin" flotation for recovering ABS, polypropylene, polyurethane foam, and copper from ASR.
We try to guess what people could pay and see about recovering that,'' Hill said.
Too bad the USDA and industry don't have a similar success rate when it comes to recovering recalled meat product.
Accordingly, it appears that under REBNY form paragraph 19, a landlord will not be precluded from recovering legal fees merely because he does not prevail in all respects, if the tenant prevails only in relatively insignificant respects.
Therefore, in the past, the prospect of recovering attorneys' fees created an arguably needed incentive for litigants primarily interested in obtaining non-monetary relief, such as reinstatement to their jobs or declaratory or injunctive relief.