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someone who saves something from danger or violence

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The pipelines will run from the Kambesah Wells Recoverer Structure to the Kutz TA platform and the Ixtoc-A platform.
The trading organization will soon put up for sale this residential building, and the amount earned from its sale will be sent to the recoverer.
If anybody has already made recoveries from the wreck they are obliged by law to report to the recoverer of wreck.
However, Article 65 of the Federal Law "On Enforcement Proceedings" regulating the executive search is supplemented by a provision establishing that if, after carrying out executive search activities to search for a debtor under an executive document containing a demand for recovery of alimony, within one year from the date of receipt of the latter information about the debtor is not established its place of location, the bailiff executing the search, informs the recoverer about the results of the conducted executive search actions and explain to the claimant's right to apply to the court for declaring the debtor missing.
4,5) For example, some family members of recoverers still refuse to allow them to come back to their home towns, and a priest at a local Buddhist temple does not allow a recoverer to visit his ancestor's grave.
She employs professional child recoverer Donya Al-Nahi to help.
Hansen's disease recoverers as agents of change: a case study in Japan.
The only solution to alcoholism or any drug addiction is abstinence-based recovery, one day at a time abstaining from intoxicating substances and working with other recoverers to build a new life.
The solution lay in new pattern recognition models that encouraged lending to those who had no credit history (generally minorities and young people) and recoverers with poor credit histories.
Recoverers recouped lost value by the 50th trading day following the disaster, posting a 5% plus cumulative impact on shareholder value by that time.