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freed from illness or injury


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found after being lost

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By that time all had recovered their self-possession, and there was nothing out of the common to attract his attention.
In the course of two or three hours, however, he sat up, and was sufficiently recovered to tell me what had occurred.
When he had in some measure recovered, I removed him to my own cabin and attended on him as much as my duty would permit.
When my guest was a little recovered I had great trouble to keep off the men, who wished to ask him a thousand questions; but I would not allow him to be tormented by their idle curiosity, in a state of body and mind whose restoration evidently depended upon entire repose.
He is now much recovered from his illness and is continually on the deck, apparently watching for the sledge that preceded his own.
When the men were all departed, Mrs Waters, recovering from her fear, recovered likewise from her anger, and spoke in much gentler accents to the landlady, who did not so readily quit her concern for the reputation of the house, in favour of which she began again to number the many great persons who had slept under her roof; but the lady stopt her short, and having absolutely acquitted her of having had any share in the past disturbance, begged to be left to her repose, which, she said, she hoped to enjoy unmolested during the remainder of the night.
The occupation resumed under the influence of this passing affliction so happily recovered from," said Mr.
But despite the fact that the doctors treated him, bled him, and gave him medicines to drink, he recovered.
When I had somewhat recovered from the dazing effect of the transition from uproar to silence, my first impulse was to reopen the door which I had closed, and from the knob of which I was not conscious of having removed my hand; I felt it distinctly, still in the clasp of my fingers.
I remember no more: six weeks later I recovered my reason in a hotel at Manchester, whither I had been taken by strangers the next day.
RAWALPINDI -- Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has recovered 1.
ISLAMABAD -- Police have arrested nine outlaws from various area of the city and recovered 1.
ANF Quetta recovered 25 Kg Opium from mountainous area of Toba Achakzai Tehsil Deobandi District Qilla Abdullah.
ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police arrested 19 outlaws, including eight gamblers, and recovered arms, drugs, stake money and other valuables during separate actions in different areas of the federal capital on Sunday.
ISLAMABAD -- The capital police arrested 17 outlaws including 10 drug peddlers and recovered narcotics and weapons from them, police stated.