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capable of being recovered or regained

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BP and its partner CNPC, which won the TSA to develop Iraq's largest producing oilfield Rumaila, had already paid the MoO $500m as a recoverable soft loan.
The document reveals original recoverable reserves on June 30, 2013 were 1,102.
Similarly the worrisome factor is that gas reserves are depleting and if gas consumption grows annually even at moderate rates and the present recoverable reserves will largely be exhausted by 2025.
If such processing steps are unnecessary, they are not recoverable.
Recoverable natural gas reserves have been officially estimated at 885 TCF, consisting mainly of North Field non-associated gas.
1 tcm of technically recoverable shale gas reserve, significantly higher than US reserves of 24.
The increase in undiscovered, technically recoverable resource is due to new geologic information and engineering data, as technological developments in producing unconventional resources have been significant in the last decade.
oil that is recoverable under current economic and operating conditions--are estimated to be 1.
When it is not possible to estimate the recoverable amount at the individual asset level, the IFRS approach determines the recoverable amount of the cash-generating unit (CGU) to which the asset belongs.
Federal income taxes paid in prior years recoverable through loss carry-backs for existing temporary differences that reverse by the end of the subsequent calendar year.
The Financial Accounting Standards board and members of a group of international standard setters, G4+1, published a special report to promote harmonization in the application of recoverable amount tests or impairment tests.
From a legal standpoint, those costs associated with acceleration are generally recoverable by a contractor from an owner upon a showing by the contractor that: (1) any delays giving rise to the order to accelerate are excusable, (2) the contractor was ordered to accelerate, either by direct order or constructively by refusal to grant a time extension and (3) the contractor in fact accelerated performance and incurred extra costs.
The project acreage is projected to contain more than 48 Million Barrels of recoverable oil per each 640-acre section.
The proven recoverable oil reserves of Azerbaijan have long been the subject of debate between foreign quarters and the state oil firm Socar.
Agip and its partners went public in mid-2002 to say the Kashagan East and West discoveries had recoverable oil reserves of 7-9 bn barrels out of 38 bn barrels in place.