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Synonyms for recourse

Synonyms for recourse

that to which one turns for help when in desperation

Synonyms for recourse

act of turning to for assistance

something or someone turned to for assistance or security


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The notes did not contain express language stating whether they were recourse or nonrecourse to the taxpayer.
In essence, the following were settled: holders of recourse in law's interests and the ways in which such extraordinary means of attack are exerted, the object, the competence of the settlement and the effects related to the judicial decision into the recourse in law's interest.
They claimed that said violation constituted a "bad boy" act and triggered personal recourse.
In non-recourse loans, some "bad boy" provisions have the effect of converting the non-recourse loan to a full recourse loan such that the borrower becomes liable for the full amount of the loan.
The joint September 5, 2002, interagency interpretive guidance discussing the appropriate applications of the November 2001, joint final rule on the treatment of recourse obligations, direct-credit substitutes, and residual interests in asset securitizations.
Recourse addresses this need with its covert security products.
However, the regulations under IRC section 1001 provide a unique rule for foreclosures of recourse debt.
Because you don't offer full recourse with a UNL structure, your contingent liabilities are less.
Since 1990, when the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) requested comments on the appropriate reporting and capital treatment of asset sales with recourse, the interagency task force has been devising a structure for applying risk-based capital to different levels of recourse risk.
1001-2 explains that if property is transferred to satisfy recourse debt, the transfer is divided into two transactions.
Without proof that there was malicious intent on the part of the police, it's unlikely that you have any recourse against them.
Joint interagency interpretive guidance was issued on September 5, 2002, discussing the appropriate applications of the November 29, 2001, joint final ruling on the capital treatment of recourse obligations, direct-credit substitutes, and residual interests in asset securitizations.
Among the transactions the ED covers are securitizations, sales of partial interests, repurchase agreements, securities lending, loan syndications and participations, sales of receivables with recourse and servicing of mortgages and other loans.
Such debt is generally backed by third-party lease payments that have no legal recourse to authority operating revenues.
Dick may recognize gain on the transaction if his share of recourse liabilities of the partnership will be reduced to zero when he becomes a limited partner.