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Synonyms for recoup

Synonyms for recoup

the act of getting back or regaining

Synonyms for recoup

reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss

regain or make up for

retain and refrain from disbursing

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In the case of members who left their job between March 26, 2013 and July 19, 2017, the recoupment cap is set at AaAaAeA@1/4250,000, it added.
mandate delisting in the event that an issuer fails to implement, disclose or adhere to its recoupment policy; and
The debtors and the committee also argued that no provision of the Bankruptcy Code or case law supports the creditors' argument that their exercise of setoff and recoupment rights to apply the credits to first reduce their less valuable general unsecured claims against the debtors trumps the debtors' assertion of their setoff and recoupment rights to apply the credits to reduce the creditors' far more valuable Section 503(b)(9) priority claims.
A letter of rebuttal - a formal statement as to why the recoupment should not take place - is ideal when the wrong doctor or practice has been audited or the audit violates state rules on look-back timelines.
This Note will explore the interaction between recoupment and bankruptcy by focusing on the Eighth Circuit's decision in In re Terry.
Because executives can cheaply show that other factors were responsible for the firm's failure, they would discount potential recoupment liability chiefly by the likelihood of causing actual harm.
Because Buckingham's counterclaim "does not fall within the narrow doctrine of equitable recoupment, this court lacks the subject-matter jurisdiction over the counterclaim and it should be dismissed," DoJ concluded.
Now add the two numbers we've calculated, think about potential recoupment from other application errors, and, voila, we have a new GPS constellation in no time.
The appendices provide sample letters and list intermediaries, prompt payment regulations, and refund recoupment statues by state.
Specifically, this testimony describes: (1) PBGC's process for determining the amount of benefits to be paid; and (2) PBGC's recoupment process when the estimated benefit provided is too high and a retiree receives an overpayment that must be repaid.
The bill addresses the projected deficit in the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Trust Fund by increasing the wage base on which unemployment benefits are calculated from $7,000 to $8,500 and shortening the recoupment period from 4 years to
As a shorthand we term the three elements of this test (1) attribution, (2) recoupment, and (3) anticompetitive effects.
At the outset, the policyholder is aware of potential settlement recoupment and can plan accordingly.
An amendment to IRC [section] 6214(b) included in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 empowers the Tax Court to apply equitable recoupment to offset overpayments of hospital insurance taxes (the Medicare portion of FICA) against income tax deficiencies, according to the court's ruling in Menard Inc.
The Tax Court held that where it has original jurisdiction to redetermine a deficiency, it also may apply the doctrine of equitable recoupment, even if it does not have jurisdiction over the type of tax at issue.