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Synonyms for recount

Synonyms for recount

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for recount

an additional (usually a second) count

narrate or give a detailed account of

count again

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Most pundits thought Al Gore's prompt request for a hand recount in friendly precincts would prolong the election by perhaps another week.
During the recount process, the phrase "banana republic" was batted around, suggesting that the USA had become something less than an actual nation--perhaps an overpriced clothing chain.
The 5-4 majority decided that different standards for recounting ballots in different Florida counties denied voters the equal protection of the law, and that there was no time to do a recount under a proper, single standard.
Dec 1: The US Supreme Court hears arguments on the Florida recount.
Bush's plea to halt hand recounts of ballots in Florida.
He said Bush had won the election day count over Democrat Al Gore, and won a recount conducted by machine.
Since all three errors were made by the same person, it appears more appropriate to have the client recount all the areas originally counted by that individual, instead of recounting the entire inventory.
The recount was expected to start February but it was moved to March 19, citing on the need to conduct psychological evaluation of the revisors.
In an application by Oscar Omoke, who is challenging the MP's victory, justice Lucy Njuguna ordered the recount in six poling stations to establish the valid and spoiled votes.
Early this week, the election court ordered a recount of the votes cast in 53 polling centres in Nyatike.
com/2016/12/17/no-on-1-withdraws-marijuana-legalization-recount-request/) told  the Portland Press Herald the people behind the recount promised they wouldn't "drag out" legalizing Question 1 if they "could not see any chance of reversing the result.
After initially conceding defeat in the May 24 primary runoff, Smith requested a recount.
Oregon law requires a recount if the difference is less than two-tenths of 1 percent.
After the recount, the vote was still in the affirmative, this time by a margin of 12 votes, 659-647; during the recount, the "yes'' votes got one additional tally, according to Town Clerk Dawn Michanowicz.
LAHORE -- Election Commissioner Punjab, Mehboob Anwar Thursday announced that the vote recount will be undertaken for PP-150 Lahore on September 2, in line with the ECP's earlier decision to hold a recount of votes in the said constituency on the demand of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).