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8220;With the Pix 220i and 240i you're getting a monitor and a recording machine you know you can rely on without having to carry two devices,” says Talamas product specialist, Mike Duca.
He worked for the Gramophone and Typewriter Company and was in Italy hoping to persuade famous artists to try out his new recording machine.
Nobody needs a dedicated recording machine when the phone can record video.
When the Concerto was first recorded in 1916 that cadenza with strumming strings was not caught by the early recording machine, so Elgar re-scored it with harp accompaniment, and it is heard here as an appendix.
The electronic recording machine was turned off for some of the hearing last month, and Coonan pointed out that, under Rule 15, an inquiry should either be entirely electronically recorded and/or a note of the inquiry should be certified by the chairman of the stewards, neither of which was evident that day.
So I trained myself to become virtually a human recording machine.
I once heard Father Ong "confess" that he had not written a word of his most recent book but had, rather, dictated it into a recording machine from whence it was typed by a stenographer and set into print electronically.
Quality monitoring hardware soon outgrew the first-generation solutions and became far more than a recording machine.
Another man, played by Fisher himself, busily enters; he tests the recording machine and eventually goes into a back room, which, when illuminated, turns out to be a projection booth.
GE creates ERMA, Electronic Recording Machine Accounting, for the Bank of America, a major accounting improvement for the banking world.
Apparently, during that storm the wind speed reached 236 miles per hour (380km/h)--and that was when the recording machine at Andersen Air Force Base broke, so it may have gone higher.
These include: monitoring and recording machine processes--every cycle of every molding machine is tracked, 24/7, if necessary; documenting processes--all SPC data are stored online or copied to DVD or CD; and boosting operational security--multiple authorization levels and permissions are provided.
Before he even hit college, Hunter had built his own acetate disc recording machine from an old phonograph.
The trunk of that car was fitted with a huge wire recording machine.
After performing various arias, she threw kisses at the recording machine and was heard to exclaim: "Oh
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