recording label

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trade name of a company that produces musical recordings

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Universal Music Group, the world's leading music company, and Concord Records, one of the world's largest independent recording labels, announced today that the two companies have entered into a U.
In addition to the recording labels that make up the company today, Tambourine's market penetration is extended through a distribution relationship with Unison Music of Nashville, Tennessee.
The Tambourine family of recording labels, Sugo Music, Monarch Records, Soundecor and Unison Music, are leaders in their market and fit naturally together in the overall Tambourine strategy of extending our depth of distribution in the channel," said Peter Loeb, CEO for Tambourine.
The Future of Music Coalition supports the concept of a third-party collective that would be entrusted with the task of collecting Digital Performance Royalties for Sound Recordings and other monies for parties other than the five major recording labels.
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