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someone who breaks a record

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Gary Hoskins makes a suggestion to reward track record-breakers FIRSTLY, can I say that this note in no way represents original thought, or a unique idea, on my part.
The Lockheed Ventura and PV Harpoon medium bombers were a somewhat shadowy family of combat aircraft derived from a prewar airliner that first saw fame as a record-breaker flown by millionaire industrialist Howard Hughes.
THE eighth Teesdale Game Fair at Witton Castle, Witton-le-Wear, County Durham, at the weekend proved to be a record-breaker, attracting more than 10,000 people from all over the North-east.
RECORD-breaker Andrew Cooney gets a warm hug from his mother - just what he needed after an epic trek to the South Pole.
Instead of worrying about being a record-breaker, just enjoy the process of discovering more about yourself.
A NEW North Sea oil field is a record-breaker, producing 10,000 barrels a day almost immediately after coming on stream.
Unlike the previous record-breaker, which radiates strongly in visible light (SN: 5/4/91, p.
He has been unable to leave his bed for four years and will honeymoon at RECORD-BREAKER Manuel at his heaviest HALF THE MAN Manuel has slimmed down to just 54st home.
RECORD-BREAKER Brian Lara is adamant he will not add a damning statistic to his list of achievements this week.
CONNECTIONS of imminent record-breaker Astrac will not decide until the last possible moment on their choice of race for the 13-year-old, when he completes the full set of Britain's Flat racecourses with an appearance at Chepstow on Friday evening, writes Rodney Masters.
DARYL GIBSON provided the cutting edge and record-breaker Martin Johnson the exemplary leadership to earn Leicester Tigers their first win since parting company with coach Dean Richards in December.
The record-breaker will have to wait at least until today, when the Angels (59-64) will try to match their season-high five-game winning streak by sweeping the Tigers (31-90).
Although Paddy has now retired as the world's most prolific record-breaker, he gained the new title while training for his sixth dan in martial arts.
This year looks sure to be another record-breaker - but will it be enough to satisfy the global demand for New Zealands wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc?
The lucrative showdown had been pencilled in for March 13 in what would have been a box office record-breaker, pitting the world's two leading fighters against each other.