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machine in which rotating records cause a stylus to vibrate and the vibrations are amplified acoustically or electronically

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The record player features a fully automatic return tone arm, threespeed deck, built-in dynamic full range stereo speakers, MP3 and USB play-back options and the option to record from LP to USB.
I may even buy one of the new record players and start scouring eBay and secondhand stores for the old classics.
I bought into CDs wholesale when they came out but I've always had a record player.
Shortly afterwards I went away to college and only came home at weekends and the little record player was never used.
For example, the scientists dragged a steel ball across each disk like a needle across a record player.
After taking a peek into the parlor of the house, Tia discovered a record player and a big piano.
Jay told me what great fun it was to pal around with Murray, often drinking with him into the very late night, and that Murray had arrived with the perfect reporter's kit: not just the right summer clothes for a blazing Mississippi summer, but far more importantly, his own portable record player and his own collection of 33 1/3 LPs.
Huff has arranged these objects in such ironical displays as "Tonto's Revenge Dance Party," complete with disco lights and headphones, in which a plastic Lone Ranger figure is tied to the spindle of a record player while a toy Indian on a pony sits on a red record.
Q Please could you put a value on a Dansette Prince record player, Model DRP30, serial No.
Washington, December 14 ( ANI ): Elvis Presley's record player has been sold at an auction to a German bidder for more than double its expected price.
Also tonight, his friend Nico gets on the wrong side of an invention called The Widow's Tear which looks like a portable record player, redesigned as an instrument of torture.
Well, even if you don't, you can experience what it was like as Mr Drayton's Record Player recaptures some golden music days.
Andrew Nutt Heolddu Road, Bargoed THANK you for publishing the letter I wrote to the Echo about wanting a record player.
AN upturned car with wheels that serve as turntables has become the world's biggest record player and the ultimate in mobile discos.
Still, it's almost impossible to imagine what's available: antique china, stuffed animals, old-fashioned skis, a Columbia phonograph record player from the early 1900s, an antique wheelchair, English-style riding hats, an outboard motor, spinning wheels and early Disney character dolls.