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the jacket for a phonograph record

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The blurb on the back of the record jacket makes mention neither of Joao Gilberto nor of the new rhythm.
Today, settings and packaging denote styles: Lincoln Center or downtown; glossy photographs or minimalist record jacket designs.
The book contains b&w illustrations on every page: childrenAEs books, cards, record jackets, and games, as well as plus b&w historical photos of the town, local classrooms, and family photos from personal collections.
He inspired me to design CD and record jackets for my friends who are making music.
And actor/playwright Jeremy Lawrence dispenses gossip and dish in Talking Tennessee, culled from Williams's occasional writings in newspapers, on record jackets and in magazines.
Chapter 2, "In a Foreign Land," covers recordings released in countries other than the United Kingdom and the United States; selected record jackets are reproduced.
Police Department Case Files and Criminal Record Jackets to Be Digitized
Included are Disney poster art, magazine covers, and designs for CD and record jackets for the Rolling Stones, Duke Ellington and the Beach Boys.
With eight or nine essays each, Bela Bartok, Alban Berg, Claude Debussy, Honegger, Martin, and with twenty-eight, Stravinsky receive the largest coverage among the 135 essays, most of which have appeared earlier on record jackets, in concert programs, or in assorted journals.
Turner's work has been presented in magazines and books, on record jackets, as billboards and posters, and as original signed prints.