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We'll still have to recopy them periodically if we want digital data to survive a century or more.
I read, reread, copy out and recopy out, more than I actually write.
48) Francesco helped Margherita interpret his letters by having clerks recopy those he had scribbled in his own hand, although he could not always do so.
When I found out that what was written by Abi al-Qasim had been lost, I decided to recopy the response of my master--may Allah lengthen his life--from the original that was still with me, in order to regain his pleasure and love.
develop independent study skills: recopy notes, review frequently, reorganize content.
If a backup is interrupted, it automatically picks up where it left off, without requiring you to recopy files.
The accuracy is much greater, because there's no need to transfer data or to recopy information from one form to another," says Paul de Blois, group controller at Kruger Forest and Wood Products Division in Montreal, QUE, which uses the ScoopSoft ERP system.
Finally, the students neatly recopy their work, paying particular attention to the notes they have made about corrections, and reread the revised copy as a final check.
College students who experience obsessive-compulsive symptoms might (a) read sentences in a textbook several times over, (b) have difficulty taking notes and exams because they continually erase and recopy words, and (c) rearrange academic supplies and classroom items.
It's possible to recopy slides or prints with a digital camera, but the results are not always consistent or satisfactory.
And secondly, recopy the old wet-process photocopies of ads, many of them from Farm Implement magazine.
They recopy this pattern onto a much larger circle.