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A areas have been reconverted into B areas and there is replacement of Army by FC and stopping of cantonments construction is implemented.
Assets recharacterized can be reconverted at the later of (1) the beginning of the year after the year of recharacterization, or (2) the end of the 30-day period beginning on the day of the recharacterization.
Forces also reconverted a suicide jacket, wireless set and arms from the hideout.
Thane, Oct 27 (ANI): A group of 6,000 Christians got reconverted and took to Hinduism at a function held in Thane on Monday.
Meanwhile, James Moore, a historian at the Open University in England and coauthor of a biography of naturalist Charles Darwin, takes on the myth that evolution destroyed Darwin's faith--until he reconverted on his deathbed.
He said: "There is growing evidence that these systems can be hacked into and that data can be reconverted into a fingerprint, which could be misused if data fell into the wrong hands.
Rouaud hosts an annual literary festival on the grounds of a former orphanage--now reconverted into a cultural center--in his hometown of Campbon in the Loire Atlantique region.
Once these vibrations reach the other side of the solid inner core, some of their energy is reconverted into pressure waves that rise through the liquid outer core.
Both were French military pistols made in the 1800s, and while the first was produced in Liege and had been repaired, the second showed rust as well as wear, but was a dated handgun of 1861 that had been reconverted from a percussion pistol, making it unusual.
SITUATED in a highly sought after residential area, this character property offers highly flexible accommodation which can either be retained in its current status as two self-contained apartments or could easily be reconverted into a single home.
Part of the repair center was a Body Shop at one time and can be reconverted.
The fuel is reconverted to a gaseous form upon reaching its destination.
Deactivated" guns, which can easily be reconverted into active firearms for use in crime, will be outlawed, Home Secretary Jac-qui Smith has promised.
Uranium ore is first converted into gas for enrichment and enriched uranium gas is reconverted into powder to be processed into fuel rods available for nuclear power plants.
A reconverted barn is the new tasting room and on-site wine making facility.