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The possibility of hosting the World Expo 2020 constitutes an important and natural progression for Dubai, which has made its tourism strategy the engine of its economic reconversion by investing heavily in infrastructure," it added.
Cette manifestation culturelle sera marquee par la signature d'une convention de cooperation et de partenariat entre les deux villes jumelees pour la realisation d'un projet de reconversion du depot communal en un grand espace de divertissement dedie aux habitants d'Oujda, a-t-il souligne.
Entre tentation de dolce vita et reve de come-back, Nicolas Sarkozy, qui tient ce jeudi une conference a New-York, est confronte au delicat probleme de la reconversion des chefs d'Etat battus, contraints de se reinventer une vie apres avoir connu l'ivresse du pouvoir selon Reuters.
Part of the Green Morocco Plan and the regional agricultural plan, the programme will be implemented over 2008-2020 and provides for the reconversion of an area of 89,700 hectares.
There is also funding called Structural Funds for those in Europe that are lesserdeveloped or going through economic reconversion.
There is also funding called Structural Funds for those in Europe that are lesser-developed or going through economic reconversion.
Okay, Ray Davies and his Kinks never sang about Stephen Ward's remarkable reconversion to striker extraordinaire, but if Carlsberg did adverts for bornagain footballers they need look no further.
Being contested is Williams's reconversion to Catholicism, an act Schmidt-Leukel scorns and Cabaz6n mourns.
The Recharacterization and Reconversion Safety Valves
A statement issued by the company said "diversement or reconversion solutions will be sought for certain activities" at preclinical sites in the UK, America, Spain and Japan.
Kazatomprom will undertake the key reconversion step beginning in 2010 under the agreement, the power utility said.
These fusions or groupings of parishes generally lead to the closing, sale, reconversion and sometimes even the demolition of religious buildings deemed as "excess".
Taxpayers and its owners successfully avoided taxation on the reconversion under the rescission doctrine.
The CFCS had no commercial future, so the reconversion was necessary," said Quimobasicos general manager Sergio Lozano.