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He must show he has the moral strength required of a PM and reconvene Labour's inquiry.
SACRAMENTO -- Republican lawmakers demanded Saturday that the Legislature reconvene to reconsider Gov.
TOMORROW, 11AM: Hearing reconvenes with Thwaites outlining the player's reasons for not undertaking the test.
The Senate will reconvene on January 27 and is expected to put S 1096 high on its 1998 agenda.
That will be the first order of business in the next Senate, and it will begin the first day that the Senate reconvenes following the inauguration of the President," Mitchell said on the Senate floor last week.
Steyer today applauded United States Senators Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman for announcing they would introduce the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA) when Congress reconvenes in two weeks.
The lawmakers said they are redoubling efforts to promote the bill and hope for passage after the Legislature reconvenes in January.
This has set the stage for a constitutional showdown when the legislature reconvenes in January.
The Company will continue to solicit shareholder votes until the annual meeting reconvenes.
5 billion annual budget isn't approved soon after the Senate reconvenes on Jan.
In the wake of the blackout of 2003, the Electricity Title of the proposed Energy Policy Act of 2003 is expected to be an important focus of Congress when it reconvenes next week.