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adapted to social or economic change

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It then involved the identification of the boundaries of the sites and buildings, gathering information on them from all sources, assessment of the credibility of the information, proposal of the architectural drawings of the reconstructed site, approval of the final architectural drawings of the site, developing the design proposal and finally reconstructing the site according to the approved drawings.
He suggested a gradual reconstruction plan, saying all mosques and seminaries could not be reconstructed simultaneously.
However, unfortunately, the display image on the touch screen monitors can be reconstructed by receiving the electromagnetic noise, and the touched button image can be identified from the reconstructed button image [18].
According to the New Zealand Herald, the face was reconstructed with silicone skin, real hair, and eyes, which have been aged with red veins.
To model that reaction, Katze and his colleagues infected groups of mice with one of four viruses: the reconstructed 1918 flu strain, either of two strains constructed to carry subsets of the 1918 flu's genes, or a contemporary flu strain.
5-mile stretch of the roadway, from Vasquez Canyon Road to Shadow Valley Lane near Los Angeles County Probation Department's Camp Scudder, will be resurfaced and reconstructed to make it last longer.
It was a section of the latter, reconstructed in part from the original pieces, that appeared at Yale in the 2005 traveling exhibition "Jean Prouve: A Tropical House," curated by Robert Rubin.
But in the tourist spot of reconstructed 19th-century London, tracers are not allowed, and murder continues.
Now, Joan Jacobs Brumberg, a scholar known for her work on the cultures of adolescent girls and young women, has reconstructed his life and death in a microhistory that illuminates boys' historical experiences.
The eardrum had been reconstructed with temporal fascia in an overlay fashion.
Lost, corrupted or damaged data can be reconstructed with minimal effort and cost, and acceptable recovery times can range from hours to several days, in some cases, since this data is not essential for business survival.
Reconstructed Yankee is a novel set during the civil war, and it follows one man's struggle to live and find his place in a hostile world.
Regional recreation facilities, including ballfields, running tracks and tennis courts will be reconstructed or built throughout the borough.
In this study, investigators reconstructed the behavior of Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) in the Atacama Desert over the past 9,000 years.