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exploring in order to gain information

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Throughout the following series of chapters, the author cites various quotations by men (always) who have been charged with reconnoitring and comprehending new geographies by gaining the service and/or confidence of trusted native guides.
An RFC flight intercepted four German observation aircraft reconnoitring British lines at Ypres.
Admittedly Garmin didn't get it right in the Giro TTT, finishing with only five riders, but that has made them more determined and they have put a lot of time and effort into reconnoitring today's circuit.
One or two are reconnoitring the barns, swooping swiftly overhead before diving down to check out the condition of last year's nests.
The Turkish general staff released photographs on Feb 27 of its troops in northern Iraq, sitting and traipsing through snow as well as reconnoitring the terrain.
In October 2003, The Washington Times reported that an informant had told the FBI that El Shukrijumah was at McMaster in 2002 reconnoitring the university's research reactor with an eye to obtaining material to fuel a nuclear bomb.
The IMC added: "The IRA is not engaged in terrorist activity, by which we mean undertaking attacks, planning or reconnoitring them, or developing a terrorist capability by, for example, procuring weapons or training members.
There is a growing body of scholarship reconnoitring similar territory, but Nead builds imaginatively and substantially on the promptings of others in a book of notable originality.
Out reconnoitring gun positions for his anti-tank battery, he and his driver came under attack and were captured and taken back to a German battalion headquarters.
Major David Knight, 53, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, was reconnoitring a route for adventure training near Oban in Argyll.
Mr Churchill said: "In the last few days our reconnoitring aeroplanes have noticed very heavy concentrations of German aircraft of all kinds on the aerodromes of Southern Greece, and we have attacked them night after night, inflicting considerable damage .
He was one of four men involved in plotting the raid, but Judge Goddard said he and an accomplice had withdrawn from the raid shortly before while reconnoitring the area.