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exploring in order to gain information

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If all goes as planned, by the middle of this decade, NASA spacecraft will have marched their way across all nine classical planets, reconnoitering them one by one, and in doing so, they will have opened our eyes and minds to the richness and diversity of planetary types in our solar system.
They all knew exactly when and where the target would emerge, an advantage the bad guy would not have if the target was a reconnoitering cop performing the quick peek.
Some of their topics are what historic battlefields share in common, finding battery positions at Wilson's Creek in Missouri, total Roman defeat at the Battle of Varus in nine AD, problems and potentials of English battlefields 991-1685, the Apache victory against the US Dragoons at the Battle of Cieneguille in New Mexico, reconnoitering the archaeology of the War of the Triple Alliance in Paraguay, the Pointe-du-Hoc Battlefield in Normandy, and the last stand of Operation Manchu at Hill 209 in Korea.
The men are suspected of having rented homes in Suez Canal cities to monitor movements in the canal and of reconnoitering tourist resorts in north and south Sinai.
Kelly went back to Tulsa after several days, leaving Bruce and I to continue reconnoitering.
Before its reconnoitering visits to Russia in 1907, the Army had spread its Christian empire to areas of British imperial influence in North America, Central and South America, India, Japan, Africa, Australasia, and western and northern Europe.
I do indeed look as if I am reconnoitering things to steal as I walk slowly past everybody's tables, my eye snagging on their mobile phones and shiny laptops.
The IRA is not engaged in terrorist activity by which we mean undertaking attacks, planning or reconnoitering them.
For gun dealers, it's worth knowing what direction cops are going, or at least, what paths they're reconnoitering, because it impacts what citizen customers will buy.
Pete Blaber, whose elite teams reconnoitering the area provided the first hints that enemy forces might be larger than estimated.
For example, the handling of radioactive materials, the taking of hazardous waste samples, or the continuous reconnoitering of a secure region could all benefit from a "thinking autonomous self-propelled device.
in the shade in summer, and below freezing in the winter), the LRDG patrols specialized in gathering intelligence and reconnoitering enemy positions and new routes.