reconnaissance vehicle

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fast armored military vehicle with four-wheel drive and open top

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Nighttime rehearsals encompassed confined-space operations; sample exchange procedures with the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle Platoon; and decontamination procedures.
Midway through the CBRN Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance ACTD, emphasis shifted from providing a deployable reconnaissance asset out of the manned reconnaissance vehicle to providing an unmanned platform in support of assessment operations.
The Marines plan to use Gladiator as a tactical reconnaissance vehicle.
The Stryker Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance vehicle (NBCRV) is the last of the configurations of the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) to be fielded.
General Dynamics said the original objectives of the RST-V program were to "exploit hybrid electric drive technology with innovations in electric-wheel motor drive, chassis design, power management and a patented folding suspension to provide a highly mobile, survivable, long-range reconnaissance vehicle.
The approximately 600-strong contingent, with an additional 200 soldiers providing support from Camp Mirage in the Arabian Gulf region, will primarily work to collect intelligence throughout the region using, among other assets, the Coyote armed reconnaissance vehicle (shown here), which carries a high-resolution camera, a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imager, and a laser rangefinder--all atop a retractable 10-meter mast.
Under the FCS ANS program, General Dynamics Robotic Systems will be responsible for the design, development, integration, testing and manufacture of a system that is capable of autonomously controlling any of several vehicles designated by the Army, including the Multi-functional Utility Logistics Equipment (MULE) platform, the Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle, and the Manned Ground Vehicle.
The Adcom Systems United 40 Block 5 is a long-range medium-altitude reconnaissance vehicle that can loiter above a single area for over four days, according to the company's website.
BAE Land Systems South Africa has developed a 4 x 4 vehicle based on the 6 x 6 RG35 and aimed at Canada's protected patrol and reconnaissance vehicle requirement.
Te vehicles are designed in 10 configurations: Infantry Carrier Vehicle, Anti-tank Guided Missile, Mortar Carrier, Command Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Engineer Squad Vehicle, Medical Evacuation Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle, NBC Recon and Mobile Gun System.
The soldier, who was trained as a reconnaissance vehicle driver, was a keen sportsman who represented his regiment at rugby.
We can confirm that an unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle crashed" on Saturday, a military statement said, adding that there had been no reported injuries.
This will be the second Army purchase of the vehicles, which are designed by General Dynamics Land Systems as a replacement for the Army's M93-A1 Fox Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle.
We believe that the AMV program offers an innovative solution as a long-range reconnaissance vehicle that fills a technology gap for the U.
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