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Synonyms for recondition

Synonyms for recondition

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bring into an improved condition

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will recondition barrels by hand, according to cooperage and warehouse manager Matt Freeman.
reconditions and repairs all types of material handling containers such as tubs, bins, hoppers and boxes including Flowmatics, Drop Bottoms, Platform and Solid Boxes, Pallets, etc.
Riddell Sports designs, markets and reconditions helmets, uniforms and protective equipment used in football and other team sports.
Because TechSmart tests and reconditions the equipment it sells, it guarantees the performance and reliability of the products with the TechSmart "Seal of Approval.
TechSmart audits, tests, cleans, reconditions and repackages the equipment, which it then remarkets to businesses, consumers, schools and other buyers for use in offices, homes, classrooms and other settings.