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Synonyms for recondition

Synonyms for recondition

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bring into an improved condition

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ReconWorld's parent company, Greenhill Industrial Supply, has served the New York real estate and construction industries for over 70 years and has long offered reconditioned power tools to its commercial and industrial customers.
The approved vehicles are reconditioned by Jaguar and Land Rover trained technicians using Jaguar Land Rover technology and genuine parts.
We say: In some cases a reconditioned Aga cooker can be up to 60 years old, which means you get the chance to own a piece of English heritage.
He added that the permission to import the reconditioned cars was given, as there are large numbers of people attached with this business.
He said to be reconditioned, barrels need to be five years old at the most and still be clean and in good condition.
Another advantage -- and a more important one in the grand scheme of things -- is that a reconditioned computer has a much lower impact on the environment than a new one does.
When traditional helmets are taken apart to be reconditioned, Ferrara says, the pads are taken out and washed in big bags - and are routinely returned to different helmets.
When the City Council Committees on Health, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management and Consumer Affairs held an open forum in February 2009, they discussed three different options: a ban on the sale of reconditioned mattresses, the creation of a DOHMH training program on proper bed bug elimination techniques, and requirements to label mattresses prior to disposal.
Digital hearing aids can also be returned to be reconditioned and reissued.
We want to maximise the number of containers that are reconditioned, reused and recovered and minimise the number that are disposed of," Hunt said.
All reconditioned models include sharpened rolls, new bearings, belts, feeders, paint and other wear items and a one-year manufacture warranty.
Louis Metallizing, which has reconditioned cylinders for more than 50 years, uses thermal spray coating for cylinder surfacing.
With more than 120 units already processed each week, the company needed to increase throughput of reconditioned turbochargers to accommodate its growing order book.
More important, they've gotten rid of the logistics hassle of shipping, tracking and receiving reconditioned tools.
The firm, which employs 14 people, was contacted by the Volkel, a German firm which had acquired three grinding machines from Eastern Europe and wanted them to be reconditioned.