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Synonyms for reconciliation

Synonyms for reconciliation

a reestablishment of friendship or harmony

Synonyms for reconciliation

the reestablishing of cordial relations

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getting two things to correspond

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However, in his opinion, it is worth working in this direction because internal reconciliation is the initial stage leading toward closer relations with neighbors that should further result into European integration.
The meeting was held under the title "popular reconciliations boost counter-terrorism and national dialogue," where participants called for finding a state of understanding and building bridges of confidence between the committees' members and competent authorities.
The success of this reconciliation comes amid a large wave of exodus by the affected people in the rebel-held areas as these people have suffered from starvation and extreme poverty.
Vertical reconciliation emphasizes God's power to forgive us when we sin against Him.
That's the main reason she no longer celebrates Reconciliation.
Taxpayers not currently required to file Schedule M-3 may be required to file forms disclosing information on income or loss reconciliation in the future.
In a nutshell: Important subject - South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission - is trivialized by melodramatic plotting and unlikely romance.
Grace Matters is indeed a book about racial reconciliation of two men who feared and distrusted each other but grew in love and grace for each other.
In theological discourse, reconciliation must retain its specific meaning as a God-given reality that the Church appropriates and proclaims in its liturgy and faith convictions, and this ultimate theological idiom should not be surrendered even in public discussions and debate.
The United States has been an active member of this Troika, urging reconciliation.
In 2 Corinthians, Paul describes the goods we seek as a church in terms of our service to God's message of reconciliation.
But the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) took a more ambitious approach to involve as many people as possible in the reconciliation process: They conducted the majority of their hearings in public.
After a brief and succinct description of the political and economic aspects of the conflict, Kaiser presents five concepts of reconciliation that came to play an important role in the struggle.
While scholarly and especially popular literature on the Middle East provides detailed documentation of the Israeli existential condition and its links to various policies pursued by the Israeli government, there remains a profound need to fathom the deep cultural, social, and religious roots that underlie the way Arabs behave when it comes to conflict reduction and reconciliation.
The company has since implemented TLM Reconciliations to support the group's reconciliation consolidation strategy and to better respond to current and future market and regulatory challenges.