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But I believe it is central to our ability to be reconcilers.
As much as he was a peacemaker, he was a militant revolutionary; as much as he was a reconciler, he could be a calculating politician.
Deputy First Minister MARTIN MCGUINNESS said: "So sad to hear our dear friend Nelson Mandela, freedom fighter, peace maker and reconciler has died.
Reconciler, peace restorer, move among us while we pray.
22 column, "He (Obama) thinks he can come down from above, de haut en bas, and play the great reconciler, but you can't reconcile in absentia.
Pope Francis has been described by commentators as a voice of conscience and a reconciler.
Francis is described by commentators as a voice of conscience and a reconciler.
He is celebrated as a martyr for social justice and as a reconciler of divided people.
The greatest reconciler of appearance and reality according to Epstein is the Duc de Saint-Simon, one of Louis XIV's courtiers at Versailles and a prolific diarist who wrote a vast, gossip-filled memoir of life at court (reviewed in the Spring 2009 CRB).
Examines the Goliad massacre section (Section 34) of "Song of Myself," looking at Whitman's knowledge of and previous journalistic writings on the massacre, re-examines a "possible historical source for Whitman's account, a Mexican officer's letter," in order to argue for Whitman's persona as "boundary crosser, reconciler of dichotomies," and analyzes "changes in the series of revisions to the Goliad section in editions of Leaves of Grass subsequent to the 1855 version" to show how Whitman's personal experience with war in the 1860s caused him to "re-evaluate the place of human violence in his poetic program.
In one of his notebooks from the mid-1960s Frye writes: "I have always distrusted what I call Reuben the Reconciler in thought: the syncretism that 'reconciles' Plato & Aristotle or St.
In their loins they all shared this inheritance with Adam, an unwitting comfort, an heirloom, and grace: it is the future death of Christ, as the reconciler of all who need reconciliation.
The understanding of Christ as reconciler is particularly relevant.
Triado, Martinez and Villar (2000) conducted a study of adolescents in which they found that elderly grandparents above all play the role of reconciler, and they suggested that roles are distributed between grandfathers and grandmothers.