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Synonyms for recompense

Synonyms for recompense

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

something justly deserved

something given in exchange for goods or services rendered

Synonyms for recompense

payment or reward (as for service rendered)

the act of compensating for service or loss or injury

make amends for

make payment to

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beaucoup moins que]Cette recompense est le fruit d'un travail de longue haleine.
In a letter to the county council, she adds: "I am growing increasingly concerned that the company has absconded with the ticket sales money and that concert-goers are unable to even seek recompense.
Current manners of determining public sector pay rates, established on experience or qualification degrees, may not recognize and recompense the best performers.
Sa Majeste le Roi, que Dieu L'assiste, a bien voulu donne Son approbation a la promotion et la nomination d'un certain nombre de fonctionnaires du Royaume, en recompense de Sa Majeste pour leur devouement et abnegation dans l'accomplissement du devoir.
Cette annee, Microsoft donne plus de chances aux candidats Tunisiens en permettant aux gagnants de la finale locale de participer aux demis finales panarabes qui se derouleront a Doha Au Qatar, et par la meme occasion, etre recompenses a l'echelle regionale.
Finalement, 2 questions issues du CFQ ont ete retenues afin d'obtenir une mesure de l'usage de recompenses alimentaires, soit les enonces <<J'offre des sucreries a mon enfant comme recompense pour un bon comportement>> et <<J'offre a mon enfant ses aliments preferes en echange d'un bon comportement>>.
La joueuse du club autrichien de NiederE[micro]sterreich, meilleure marqueuse du Mondial-2011, est la premiere Bresilienne a obtenir cette recompense.
Kelvin Mackenzie's demand for an apology and recompense relating to the Sun's infamous 'The Truth' story has infuriated families of Hillsborough victims
There should be some form of recompense, tens not hundreds of millions.
The students blocked Chakwal Talagung Road at Bhaun chowk Chakwal because the Controller Rawalpindi Board has failed to recompense the students.
If a pedestrian is injured by a cyclist they have no recompense unless they take out a civil action, but this could be easily remedied by enforcing bike registration and the owners being insured.
He said in a statement to Nina: " bringing a lawsuit against the President based on not implementing his constitutional powers in ratifying the death sentences is a parliamentary and popular demand for activating justice and recompense victim's families as well as a victory for justice and for the Iraqi judiciary," he said.
He explains that always when it is matter of persons who were unnecessarily kept in detainment, they are entitled of recompense in an amount of 4,000 to 5,000 euro but this is not given to the persons who are arrested in front of the cameras and who do not end up in detainment.
You don't need to be a genius to understand that if you tell organisations or companies that they have the go-ahead for new buildings and then block their plans, you are going to have to recompense them for what they have already spent.
Flyglobespan actually treated us like grown-ups and I feel desperately sorry for the staff and customers like me who've lost flights with no recompense, but the demise of a home grown airline is a much bigger loss.