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Synonyms for recompense

Synonyms for recompense

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

something justly deserved

something given in exchange for goods or services rendered

Synonyms for recompense

payment or reward (as for service rendered)

the act of compensating for service or loss or injury

make amends for

make payment to

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In a letter to the county council, she adds: "I am growing increasingly concerned that the company has absconded with the ticket sales money and that concert-goers are unable to even seek recompense.
Pour de nombreux commentateurs sportifs belges, l'international marocain, souvent diminue par les blessures, a de fortes chances cette annee de remporter le Soulier d'Or, la plus importante des recompenses attribuees a un footballeur en Belgique.
Rabat - Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI, que Dieu L'assiste, a bien voulu donne Son approbation a la promotion et la nomination d'un certain nombre de fonctionnaires du Royaume, en recompense de leur devouement et abnegation dans l'accomplissement du devoir, annonce mardi le ministere de la maison royale, du protocole et de la Chancellerie dans un communique, dont voici la traduction:
It is reasonable for them to receive recompense for the work they do but the amount should be determined by an independent body.
Il a egalement ordonne les walis des Etats d'accorder l'attention aux programmes des etudiants indiquant que la presidence attribuer une recompense annuelle de l'etat distingue dans les l'activite d'ete.
As per the sources, Petrobras, as Brazil's state-controlled oil producer is known, will recompense annual interest of 9.
He seems to forget that he started the whole affair, so it must be that he, and Scotland must recompense the rest of the UK for all the trouble that is caused.
The court has also held that the statutory formula on compensation to the accident victims offers no recompense to kids as it is based on income.
Games in which gain serves as recompense for skill and bodily or mental activity, such as tennis, pall-mall, charging the ring, chess, and backgammon, are by nature good and licit forms of recreation.
L'acteur-realisateur americain Ben Affleck a ete recompense samedi du prix du meilleur cineaste 2012 par le syndicat des realisateurs americains (Directors Guild of America) pour son film "Argo".
She has since been given ample time to recover from those exertions and, off the same mark, there's every chance she'll gain recompense over the sufficiently searching 3m5f trip of the Lincolnshire National.
The union's John Gorle said: "I'm sure our members will be delighted that Usdaw have secured this award but it remains scant recompense for losing your job, especially after many years of loyal service to the company.
He added that he is seeking recompense for "the lies their officers told".
There should be some form of recompense, tens not hundreds of millions.
The students blocked Chakwal Talagung Road at Bhaun chowk Chakwal because the Controller Rawalpindi Board has failed to recompense the students.