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commit once again, as of a crime

commit again

send back to a committee

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Recommit to Quit Each Monday To keep your quit going for the long haul, take a moment each Monday to recommit to your decision to quit.
Both of these bills ended their lives on motions to recommit this year," said transgender advocate Dana Beyer.
On Sunday, Hamas said it had made contact with other factions to urge them to recommit to an agreement they reached two years ago to stop rocket and mortar bomb fire.
Through this memorandum of understanding, both institutions recommit to deepen their collaboration in the fields of regional integration, governance, post-conflict countries, relations with the Diaspora, and HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, the release added.
House, 34-114, rejected a motion to recommit to the Ways and Means Committee the section of an ocean management bill that would open the state's ocean sanctuaries to renewable energy development.
Before flying home to London, the Prime Minister said: "The most important thing obviously was that we have got agreement today not just to recommit to all the various promises made at Gleneagles but also put some flesh on the bones of that.
It is also a day to remember those whom we have lost to HIV/AIDS and to recommit ourselves to stopping this deadly disease from spreading within our communities.
In order to rebuild a healthy and integrated society, she argues, it is necessary to recognize the importance of public life, build transparency, rearticulate and recommit to a sense of stewardship, and regain a republic dedicated to the common good.
4-million member church to recommit itself to the concept of "shalom" (Hebrew for peace).
We must fully and soberly recognize that the racial divides still run very deep, and we must all recommit ourselves to their resolution,'' Blair H.
THE CAGED VIRGIN: AN EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION FOR WOMEN AND ISLAM urges democracies to recommit to reason and makes a case for the freedom of women from Muslim oppression.
The letter adds, "We call on Baptists to recommit themselves to the nation's founding principle of 'E Pluribus Unum.
Reaffirming Debts Asking people to recommit to paying debt was once thought of as a tactic creditors used for people who file for bankruptcy.
In this we can honor our dead and recommit ourselves to a greater purpose.
While Baptists should celebrate the work of South Korean and other non-Western Christians, it does challenge Baptists in America to recommit themselves to the work of missions.