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commit once again, as of a crime

commit again

send back to a committee

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Sought for comment, Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas (PDP-Laban, Ilocos Norte) revealed that the move to recommit was made by LPGMA Partylist Rep.
The statement says the reunified SPLM recommits to and support establishment of comprehensive transitional justice and the political bureau shall be restructured in a manner that ensures timely decision making, internal cohesion and collective decision making.
Memories of campaign pledges from lawmakers only magnified the disappointment when, in a shocking procedural move, the house of delegates voted in March to recommit the bill, which sent it back to committee for consideration and effectively killed its prospects until at least 2012.
Factions agreed to recommit to the national understanding to stop rocket firing," as long as Israel stops its air strikes and other attacks, an official told Reuters.
20-22 to assess progress on the goals and recommit to their pledges.
Rush said: "A change in my personal circumstances has resulted in me deciding to recommit with what has become my home from home, with the Cardiff Blues, where I am very happy.
Nepal, April 29 -- The parties have no option but to recommit to the peace process In principle, all three big parties seem to agree on the need for a national unity government, as was evident during a discussion jointly organised by the FNCCI and Nepal Media Society on Wednesday.
South African Airways is close to finalising a new deal with Airbus that will recommit it to 15 A320s originally ordered in 2002, but which it sought to cancel in 2004.
This vote was welcomed by the European Commission, for which "the adoption of the Waxman-Markey bill is an important indication of Congress's desire to see the United States recommit to the debate on climate change and be prepared to reach an agreement on climate change during the Copenhagen conference".
We have to recommit ourselves to care for the poor.
Representatives of at least seven different faiths - Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindhu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh from the Interfaith Council - will recommit themselves to peace at the event on Saturday.
Through this memorandum of understanding, both institutions recommit to deepen their collaboration in the fields of regional integration, governance, post-conflict countries, relations with the Diaspora, and HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, the release added.
93The Jewish New Year is unlike the new years of any other cultures, in pa= rt because it's not simply a time for revelry; it's a time for what might be called determined rejoicing - a time to put your affairs with other people in order so you can honestly turn to God, a time to recommit to the serious work of tikkun olam - of mending the world.
Then, if couples choose to recommit, they would renew their marriage licenses.
House, 34-114, rejected a motion to recommit to the Ways and Means Committee the section of an ocean management bill that would open the state's ocean sanctuaries to renewable energy development.