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worth doing, especially for practical reasons

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It also delivers smooth, uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity, and at this price, is one of the more recommendable headphones to buy.
Its angle view is only 35-degrees, but the 8mm lens makes it up for that, making this camera recommendable to be placed along corridors.
Distancing herself from a European Commission call for higher taxes in the UK, Lagarde said the IMF doesn't "see a massive increase in tax as recommendable.
Each book features some 50 flaps to lift - which may not make the recommendable for the rigors of library lending, but sure will attract attention from young board book readers interested in tactile experiences.
Tel: 01386 831173 AS a knowing colleague whispered to me once I'd returned from a Sunday afternoon of time-travelling: The Fleece might not be recommendable to asthmatics.
For those looking for a clean, no-frills room at the right price, properties run by the Benikea, a hotel chain operated by the state-run Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), are recommendable.
The fruit contains about 90 percent of water, making it highly recommendable for summer months.
He noted that it was not recommendable for the N-plant to operate at a capacity below 75% for long periods of time but said that the management of the plant had had to take into consideration the force majeure circumstances.
So the omens weren't good that a Halal Pizza & Curry House with leaflets offering "magarita" pizzas would have recommendable chips.
The venue is opening its autumn music season with a pair of highly recommendable gigs, beginning tonight with clarinetist Arun Ghosh who will be leading his Indian-influenced band.
Touch-free or self-closing faucets are especially recommendable for public and commercial restrooms.
It is also recommendable to use a phone with touchscreen, as it is easier to write with these.
One might baulk at going out on a winter's night and paying concert hall prices to hear either of these programmes, but on disc they make very recommendable releases.
The book, though it possesses few voices of children themselves, contains several positive points that make it recommendable.
I am therefore contacting the company with a view to reopening discussions to seek to achieve a recommendable settlement to be put to cabin crew.