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cause to start anew

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Fanny's rides recommenced the very next day; and as it was a pleasant fresh-feeling morning, less hot than the weather had lately been, Edmund trusted that her losses, both of health and pleasure, would be soon made good.
The nightly snatches of conversation outside his door had recommenced.
Tilney was polite enough to seem interested in what she said; and she kept him on the subject of muslins till the dancing recommenced.
The prince expressed his thanks once more, and eating heartily the while, recommenced the narrative of his life in Switzerland, all of which we have heard before.
Aramis made no reply, but recommenced eating and drinking.
After the Austerlitz campaign Prince Andrew had firmly resolved not to continue his military service, and when the war recommenced and everybody had to serve, he took a post under his father in the recruitment so as to avoid active service.
And when I had returned to the outer world the old trials had recommenced with Hooja in Jubal's role.
Some twenty feet below, the level floor of the tunnel recommenced, and shortly afterward his progress was stopped by a heavy wooden door which was secured by massive wooden bars upon the side of Tarzan's approach.
He walked back to where he had been lying and recommenced his Patience.
For a long time he slept without dreaming, but just before dawn the visions recommenced.
It is a dreadful accident, I know," Ruth recommenced with a sinking voice.
Then, with a shrug of the shoulders, she turned round to the piano and recommenced to play.
Bumble's discourse, Oliver, just hearing enough to know that some allusion was being made to his mother, recommenced kicking, with a violence that rendered every other sound inaudible.
When they came to think it over, however, it occurred to them that they could do it much better in print, so they recommenced deadly hostilities without delay; and all Eatanswill rung with their boldness--on paper.
Uzbekistan has recommenced gas supplies to the South of Kazakhstan.