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undergo genetic recombination

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cause genetic recombination

to combine or put together again

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And now he includes digital systems in the range of performance technologies, capturing brief snippets of animation live with a video camera, saving them on a computer, and repeating and recombining them in a myriad of cyclical variations.
Now an acknowledged success, often performing for audiences numbering from 2,500 to 4,000, the New Pickles are recombining with the school they started twelve years ago, and Beal wants to work in other arenas, too.
After thousands of years of fusing, melting, soldering, forging and burning inanimate matter to create useful things, we are now splicing, recombining, inserting and stitching living material for our own economic interests.
One could even imagine genetic algorithm messages, where competing messages are sent into cyberspace and programmed to periodically recombine themselves using genetic algorithms: strong parent messages eliminating weaker messages and recombining to give birth to an even stronger generation of messages -- strength being, for instance, measured by the persuasiveness of a message (number of people it motivates to act), or by the importance of the debate it generates (number of times it gets played back or developed).
American expects to achieve significant synergies by recombining these assets.
It achieves this by continually monitoring streams of instructions, breaking these down into primitive expressions, and then recombining these for maximum execution efficiency.
Now, the first experiment to directly measure the chemical-reaction rates in individual, sonolumineseent bubbles reveals that the recombining of atoms in a collapsing bubble probably limits its temperature.
And of course such later paintings are formed through a complex process of tracing and recombining a vast archive of media images.
The last section, "Ollin Alageed" ("Wedding Dance"), eschews the customary full company blowout in favor of brief entrances and crossovers by individuals and couples, recombining motifs.
There's also an odd formalism to the repetitive conversational ploys, recombining couplings and unpleasant character traits that don't change under different circumstances with new partners.
Splitting water into its basic elements and recombining it back into water hurts nothing and is completely renewable.
Curated by Kristin Chambers at the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Andrea Zittel, Jorge Pardo, Gregor Schneider, and others set up camp in interstitial zones negotiated by recombining art and life practices.