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undergo genetic recombination

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cause genetic recombination

to combine or put together again

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The layer multiplier would receive the five-layer sandwich from the first feedblock and divide and recombine it to form multiple repetitions of the structure - for example, four repetitions would produce a 20 layer structure of microlayers.
To recombine the beams and recreate the message you would need to detect the arrival time of the photons extremely accurately to identify pairs of photons split by the sender.
Redux Holdings acquires assets of underperforming and distressed companies on a non-cash basis and isolates, recombines and manages those assets to increase their value and to develop profitable strategic options.
Another grating-and-lens duo then recombines the components and shines the sculpted pulses into a crystalline sample of pyrelene.
Applied DNA Sciences extracts and recombines botanical DNA codes to create a virtually foolproof method to prove product authenticity, detect fakes and protect supply chain integrity.
To test the particle nature of light the experimenter leaves out a mirror that recombines the beams and puts particle detons, at the ends of the two paths.
Using a high-bandwidth, addressable image network, the HP compositor then recombines the contributions of each workstation into a single, viewable image.
In addition, the trial will provide information about how rapidly delipidated plasma recombines with cholesterol in the human body.
The FreeFlow Streaming service incorporates Akamai's proprietary SteadyStream(SM) technology that sends multiple copies of the same stream to the edges of the Internet and then recombines the streams into the original high-quality format.