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undergo genetic recombination

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cause genetic recombination

to combine or put together again

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To make solar cells work, scientists try to separate the electrons from the holes and collect those charges before they have a chance to recombine.
We are excited to collaborate with Sequenom Laboratories, the market leader in noninvasive prenatal testing, to bring this expanded carrier screening technology to the OB/GYN and maternal fetal medicine space," said Alex Bisignano, Chief Executive Officer of Recombine.
The changes make it more difficult for the enzyme to recombine the charges, thereby allowing the electrical potential to last much longer.
The process builds on EDI's layer multiplication technique which divides and recombines multilayer extrudate many times to produce films with many - more than 100 is possible - micro layers.
In the bird's built-in compass, when the "radical pairs" recombine, their nicely-aligned spins trigger a biochemical reaction.
However, many file-splitters require that both the sender and the recipient have the application so the received files can recombine the various chunks when they arrive at their destination.
The imperatives of academic promotion aside, the author might have been better advised not to recombine these pieces into a monograph, since the sum of the book amounts to distinctly less than the whole of its parts.
Such a source operates by tunneling a single electron and hole onto a QD where they recombine to produce a single photon.
To recombine the beams and recreate the message you would need to detect the arrival time of the photons extremely accurately to identify pairs of photons split by the sender.
com, EduTest and others offer online practice exams that allow teachers and administrators to combine and recombine items at will; administer tests anytime, anywhere; and get instant results with powerful analytical tools to go with them.
But the main show here involves watching the six key characters mutate and recombine in both predictable and unlikely patterns.
Here's where the antigenic shift comes in: If chromosomes from the two viruses recombine within infected cells in just the right formula, they can spawn a new virus with antigens that the human body may not recognize.
These feedblock modules subdivide and recombine the melt streams in exponentially increasing numbers of layers.
Because Toxoplasma strains only recombine in cats, the researchers provided mice infected with different Toxoplasma strains for the cats to eat.
The modulation speed of either a light-emitting diode or a light-emitting transistor is limited by the rate at which electrons and holes (the minus and plus charges - the carriers of current) recombine.