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(physics) a combining of charges or transfer of electrons in a gas that results in the neutralization of ions

(genetics) a combining of genes or characters different from what they were in the parents

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It's been known for many years that the rate of recombination varies across the genome, but less is known about how the rate of recombination changes with parental age," said study leader Adam Auton, Ph.
To accurately determine how the US strains are related to strains AH2012 and the ZMDZY sublineage, we performed a recombination analysis using the Recombination Detection Program and available PEDV sequences (13).
This process, called recombination, is thought to be directed by a protein called PRDM9, which latches on to DNA and governs where the breaks that allow gene swapping will happen.
Professor Glenn Browning said recombination was a natural process that can occur when two viruses infect the same cell at the same time.
For the first time, we were able to generate an individual recombination map and mutation rate for each of several sperm from one person," said study co-author Barry Behr, PhD, HCLD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of Stanford's in vitro fertilization laboratory.
Noreen discovered that recombination does not occur uniformly along chromosomes but occurs more frequently at hotspots from which it proceeds preferentially in one direction.
Researchers examine recent developments in three primary areas: quantitative genetic methods for analysis of homologous recombination and chromosome pairing, development of direct physical assays for DNA intermediates and products of recombination, and cytological techniques for characterizing chromosome behaviors and the patters with which specific proteins associate with meiotic chromosomes.
9, Nov/Dec 2008), incorrectly asserts that we do not show how to calculate recombination frequency and linkage distance between two genes in dihybrid F2 crosses in our book Genetics Laboratory Investigations.
over the use of Cellectis' patents covering certain uses of homologous recombination for the generation of innovative human therapies, including the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies.
Also, methods are provided for introducing modifications into genomic exons by inserting introns into the genomic exons via homologous recombination such that a mature mRNA transcript produced from a genomic region of the genome comprising the genomic exon does not contain the modification are provided.
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 8, 2006 - (JCN) - The Forest Tree Breeding Center (FTBC) has established a new gene recombination technique for cedar.
Such sensitivity to the ideational implications of physical combination and recombination has been a consistent feature of Suddath's practice: His last solo exhibition, at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Gallery 400 in 2004, was explicitly presented in terms of the designation as well as the occupation of space, suggesting a forum that might be both interactive and reflective.
Because recombination along the chromosomes is averaged over the genetic history of the population at large, this should randomize any association between a given polymorphism and phenotype, or environmental influence, unless it is closely linked with specific alleles in the genome.
This preparation of the states is followed by the recombination of the two beams |[[psi].
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