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a protein derived from recombinant DNA

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To check the hpaA recombinant protein in the supernatant (periplasmic space) or pellet (inclusion bodies), SDS-PAGE was done.
The remaining three coordination sites are usually occupied by water molecules and can be exchanged with histidine residues of the recombinant protein.
This understanding will eventually enable us to control and optimize the synthesis of recombinant proteins, which are broadly used for vaccines, diagnostic tools and therapeutic purposes.
This paper summarizes some of the challenges of recombinant protein production, and presents an efficient, simplified alternative to conventional platforms.
Building on its legacy, Amino Acid Technologies has transitioned the same level of quality and performance into new core competencies in the areas of recombinant protein expression and peptide synthesis.
It is hoped to see a sustained support and a stable environment for the biotech industry in Iran for the continued production of recombinant protein drugs to not only meet the needs of domestic market but also find its way into the international markets in the near future.
Affitech had granted GE Healthcare Life Sciences an exclusive licence for the global marketing rights of products containing recombinant Protein L.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 8, 2006 - (JCN) - Asahi Glass announced on April 6 that it has decided to expand its facility for manufacturing recombinant protein.
Zhang uses tobacco in his research because it is a non-food crop and is well suited as a "factory" for recombinant protein production.
Other targets for recombinant protein vaccines are Group B streptococcus and Streptococcus pneumonide.
The recombinant protein, known as complement receptor type I (CR1), is a soluble form of a substance normally anchored to certain cell membranes in the body.
As a world-class recombinant protein supplier, Creative Biomart offers over 20,000 quality recombinant proteins which include Therapeutic Proteins, Cytokines, Enzymes, and Kinases etc.
Recombinant protein production and their application in biotechnology have been increased.
GlaxoSmithKline has signed a license agreement with DSM Biologies and Crucell, allowing GSK to research a recombinant protein on the PER.
Material is in sections on baculovirus molecular biology and development of recombinant baculoviruses; insect cell culture; protein production with recombinant baculoviruses; recombinant protein production with transformed insect cells; baculovirus development and production for use as insecticides; and miscellaneous techniques and applications.
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