recombinant human insulin

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a form of insulin (trade name Humulin) made from recombinant DNA that is identical to human insulin


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Sol Steiner, stated: "We believe our studies demonstrate that patients receiving VIAject[R]had faster reductions in blood glucose activity, reduced risks of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and less weight gain than patients who received recombinant human insulin, and that VIAject[R] may offer important clinical benefits to people with diabetes.
Since VIAject[R] is a modified form of recombinant human insulin, Biodel is submitting its new drug application for VIAject[R] under section 505(b)(2) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which governs the review of an NDA for a modified form of a previously approved product.
Tenders are invited for Recombinant Human Insulin 30 Percent As Soluble Insulin With 70 Percent As Isophane Nph Insulin 100Iu Per Ml Of 10Ml Inj
in the Republic of Korea to provide a license for the transgenic development of recombinant human insulin products in Asia.
Oral HDV-Insulin is Diasome's drug delivery system for recombinant human insulin, and is based on a nano-sized insulin carrier that is specifically targeted to hepatocytes, the primary metabolic cells in the liver.
Oral HDV-Insulin, Diasome's drug delivery system for recombinant human insulin, is based on a nano-sized insulin carrier that is specifically targeted to hepatocytes, the primary metabolic cells in the liver.
Larimore has more than 25 years of biotech experience beginning at Eli Lilly with the development and manufacturing of recombinant human insulin.
As one of the top scientists at Eli Lilly, he was responsible for the redevelopment of the recombinant human insulin and recombinant human growth hormone processes and provided technical leadership and oversight for the company's protein product portfolio prior to joining Cook Pharmica in 2006.
Methyl prednisolone - 40mg, human insulin insulin neutral-40 iu/ml, recombinant human insulin -40iu/ml-10ml, isophane insulin 70%+ insulin biphasic 30% 40iu/ml-10ml, isophane insulin 50%+soluble insulin 50% 40iu/ml-10ml, thyroxin -100mcg tab, febuxostat 40mg tab, tab.
Results from the trial showed that FT-105 achieved a sustained release of recombinant human insulin over the course of the 36-hour pharmacodynamic study period.
Jonathan Levy, of the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism commented, "These results demonstrated a sustained, dose-proportional release of recombinant human insulin.
FT-105 is a new formulation of recombinant human insulin based on Flamel's proprietary Medusa[R] nanoparticle delivery system.
Recombinant Human Insulin Derived from Animal Origin Free Cell Bank
The recombinant human insulin is derived from an animal-origin-free-cell bank and is processed using porcine trypsin, thus eliminating the risk of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) contamination.
Biocon launched the world's first recombinant human insulin, INSUGEN[TM] using Pichia expression and India's first indigenously produced monoclonal antibody BIOMAb-EGFR[R].
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